Geneses 202
Lesson Eight
The breath of Life

Gen 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Prior to Genesis chapter two, the only word used for the Creator is "God". The Hebrew word for "God" is, el-o-heem'  which means "supreme God...Almighty". Now, in chapter two we start to see a new name for the Creator... LORD. The Hebrew word here is yeh-ho-vaw  and means "self existent, eternal". As you read through Scriptures you don't want to miss these names that are used for God because they give us different and new clues as to God's nature. So far, we have learned that the creator is "Almighty" and, totally "self existing" and "eternal". In the Authorized KJV bible, the name of God "el-o-heem" is always translated "LORD" in all large caps. This is done for a number of reasons but primarily because it is the name God uses for Himself, and it is considered the most holy of names for the Creator in the Old Testament.


Now, as we turn our attention to verse seven, we see something that we do not find with any of the other creations of God. We see God almighty, the self existing one breathing the breath of life into His crowning


The LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground:


When God created man He made him out of the most basic elements, the dust of the ground. There is nothing “spectacular” in what man is made of, only in the way those basic things are organized.

When the Bible speaks of dust, it means something of little worth, associated with lowliness and humility.

It is also noteworthy to see that in regards to all other creation, God "created" or "made" each thing, but when it came to man, God "formed" him. The word "form" comes from the Hebrew word that indicates "shaping" or "molding". It is used to give the picture of a potter working with a lump of clay and forming it...shaping it... into something beautiful and useful. This gives us the picture that God took special interest in mankind. Of mankind, the bible records that God did three things different then He did with all other aspects of His Creation. First, He made us in His image. Secondly, He formed us in a special way, and thirdly, He breathed into us the breath of life. All of this gives a clear picture that man is different...separate from, the animal and plant kingdom. We did not come from them. this suggest that God has a special bond with mankind, and that we did not evolve from animals  We were made completely different then the rest of God's creation. We were made to have fellowship with Him. The plant kingdom, and the animal kingdom was made for us to have dominion over.


Sadly, this special creation of God almighty broke that special fellowship with our Creator and sin entered. This sin broke that fellowship and our spirit died. From that moment forward, every new baby that has been born, has been born into sin, separated from God, and in need of restoration. This restoration comes through the finished work of God through Jesus Christ. Repenting of our sins...turning from our self will, and letting God work through us, and accepting God's salvation through Jesus Christ creates that new birth in our spirit and restores that relationship with Him again. If you have not of yet trusted God's salvation through Jesus Christ, I would encourage you to do so today.

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