Genesis 101
Lesson Twelve


Genesis 1:11-13


“After His kind”


Continuing now on day three. God has created the dry land and sea, and now He is going to fill it with vegetation. Notice first that God made grass, seeds for herb to grow from and fruit trees. These trees were fully grown trees with fruit still on them. Notice also that in verse twelve the earth also brought forth the grass on the third day, and the trees were already yielding fruit. Many of the people who try to say that "our" earth is millions of years old overlook this simple fact...God created everything mature, with age, No doubt when God created fruit yielding trees, there were some that were old, some young and just starting to give fruit, and others very young, just springing forth. 


As we have discussed in previous lessons, there was most likely a previous creation on earth that Satan destroyed when He was cast out of heaven. The remnants of this creation is possibly what scientist are also seeing that gives the appearance of our Earth being much older. Not knowing how long ago this previous creation could have been, or how long it was in existence before Satan destroyed it, it is possible that when scientist age something millions of years old, it most likely was something left over from this previous creation or a result of God creating things with age.


One thing that I do not want you to over look is that everything brought forth new life "after it's kind".   In other words, cherry trees brought forth more cherry trees.  Kentucky blue grass brought forth more Kentucky blue grass, and so on. God created vegetation and seeds at all stages of growth. Some were seeds just starting to grow, some where young vegetation, and some were fully grown already putting forth seed that was reproducing vegetation "after it's kind". It didn't take millions of years. It didn't take evolution. It only took God saying it, and on the third day it all happened.


And then we see that "God saw that it was good". What God does is always good. All good things come from God the creator of all things.

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