The Theology of the Bible

Lesson Ten

When one studies the life of Christ, there are three possible divisions. His teachings, His miracles and His prophecies. For all three remain interwoven one with the other completing His life and ministry. For to believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead will lead the student to hold to all historical accounts of Christ life, teachings and ministry. It is important to note the Bible never questions any of these matters in Jesus life. All of these Christocentric matters are taught as authoritative fact.


Christocentric is a doctrinal term within Christianity, describing theological positions that focus on Jesus Christ, the second person of the Christian Trinity, in relation to the Godhead/God the Father or the Holy Spirit.


CHRISTOCENTRIC HERMENEUTICS … There are two ways to read the Bible. The one way to read the Bible is that it’s basically about you: what you have to do in order to be right with God, in which case you’ll never have a sure and certain hope, because you’ll always know you’re not quite living up. You’ll never be sure about that future. Or you can read it as all about Jesus. Every single thing is not about what you must do in order to make yourself right with God, but what he has done to make you absolutely right with God. And Jesus Christ is saying, “Unless you can read the Bible right, unless you can understand salvation by grace, you’ll never have a sure and certain hope. But once you understand it’s all about me, Jesus Christ, then you can know that you have peace. You can know that you have this future guaranteed, and you can face anything.”


The hermeneutical question about the whole Bible correlates with the question, ‘What do you think of Christ?’ Matthew 22:42 … Saying, What think ye of Christ? whose son is he? They say unto him, The son of David. The hermeneutical center of the Bible is, therefore, Jesus in His being and in His saving acts. Thus, presenting the Jesus of the Four Gospels. We can say that, while not all Scripture is the Gospel, all Scripture is related to the Gospel. Thus, making all 31,102 verses of the Scriptures Gospelcentric and Christocentric. The Bible makes a very radical idea inescapable. Not only is the Gospel the interpretive explanation for the whole Bible, but there is an important sense in which Jesus Christ is the mediator of the meaning of everything that exists. In other words, the Gospel, as presented in the Four Gospels, is the hermeneutical explanation of Jesus Christ. This would include His teachings, His ministry and His passion. These facts make the ministry of Jesus not only inseparable from His death and burial, but also inseparable from His literal bodily resurrection from the dead.

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