The Theology of the Bible

Lesson Eleven

When one studies the New Testament there are things to bear in mind. While the New Testament writers referenced Old Testament writing and stories many times, they did not always go about it the same way. At times the New Testament writers confirmed the credibility and validity of the Old Testament by quoting the Old Testament in New Testament manuscripts (Deuteronomy 30:12-14 & Romans 10:6-8). At times the New Testament writers would be directed by God to use an obscure and esoteric Old Testament passage (Hosea 11:1 & Matthew 2:15). And then at times New Testament writers will make reference to Old Testament prophecies (Zechariah 11:13-14 & Matthew 27:9).


In II Timothy 3:16 we see that all Scriptures are given to us by the very breath of God. In this case, it is also God who directed the Old Testament writers to pen their manuscripts as well (II Peter 1:20-21).


We should note at this point that All Scripture is given by God Himself, but not all writings are true Scriptures. There are many writings out there that claim to be inspired, but are not. Romans 3:1,2 tells us that God gave His words to the Jews.  With this in mind, only manuscripts that were written by Jews can be considered inspired by God.  This would exclude ALL of the so called lost books of the Bible.  They were written by Gentiles.  This would also leave out any writings non-biblical writings that the Mormons and the Jehovah Witnesses claim are inspired, as they also came about by Gentiles.  


We can confirm the omnipotent supernatural work of God in the hearts and minds of the Bile writers.  Which would then confirm the omnipotent and supernatural powers of God to produce the complete and entire cannon of Scripture. Thus, the same identical God has the right and power to inspire New Testament writers to use select passages of the Old Testament manuscripts.

The New Testament is the fulfillment and implementation of Old Testament Scriptures. 

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