Lesson Seven

Rebellion of Sin

The rebellion of sin, as performed by Adam and Eve, was willful and premeditated with malice aforethought. Man has a way of trivializing sin during the temptation process, only to find that the end result is horrific and permanent.


The primary penalty of Adam & Eves sin, was the separation from God. Before the fall, God and Adam enjoyed a relationship over very deep fellowship and friendship. However, after the fall, all of that ended. Man’s new standing with God was one of disappointment and rebellion. Their rebellion of sin would lead mankind to a mindset if rebellion toward God.

Man found himself in a situation whereby he was guilty of sin & rebellion with no way out. Man tried to run from God but God found him. Man tried to sidestep his responsibility but God held man responsible.


Man’s beautiful relationship and fellowship was now gone. God gave man a choice. Man did not have to take the path which he took. But man made his choice. And mankind has been suffering for it ever since.

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