Lesson Eight


Clean Slate

When man was first created by God, man was innocent without a past. For a lack of a better term … “man was made with a clean slate!”  It should be noted that at this point (prior to sin), it can not be said that "man was innocent", because there was no knowledge of sin, no law to break, no sin to say "yes" to. Had man been tempted, and said "no" to sin, then he would have been "innocent". For there to be guilt or innocents, there must be at least an opportunity to do right or wrong. However, we know that Adam and Eve did give into the temptation, and thus became "guilty". The beautiful fellowship man had with God had now turned to shame, fear & hiding.


In Genesis 3:7, man tries to make coverings of fig leaves. However, fig leaves decay very rapidly.  Man’s efforts to fix this were futile at best (Genesis 2:17). The fig leaves gives us a picture of man trying to fix his sin problem himself through the works of his own hands and through religion.  However, there is nothing man can do to fix his sin problem.  


Only God can make things right. Ephesians 3:8,9 tells us that we are saved from our sins by God's Grace, through our faith, and that it is not by our works least any man should boast.


From the moment man fell into sin, the destiny of Jesus going to the cross was then sealed (Romans 5:12-19).  And, according to the same verses, all of mankind became guilty, and all of mankind fell under the condemnation of death

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