Class Seven


It is required that you look up and read the Bible references given.


Just like the good angels, there are different kinds of evil angels.
 There are the angels that are kept in prison (II Peter 2:4). Peter & Jude also speak of these angels. Peter points out that these evil angels are committed to a place called Tartarus (Greek word for Hell).  Tartarus is a pit of darkness where these fallen angels will be kept until the day of their judgment. In Jude 1:6, Jude points out these fallen angels abandoned their God given position to pursue the false promise the devil deceived them with (Deuteronomy 32:8). It would seem there are evil angels assigned over each nation as well (Daniel 10:13-20; 12:1 & Revelation 9:13-15).


Then there are the free angels. 

These are mentioned in connection with Satan their leader (Matthew 25:41 & Revelation 12:7-9).  At times in Scriptures the free angels are referred to separately (Psalms 78:49; Romans 8:38; I Corinthians 6:3 & Revelation 9:14). Free angels are included in the authorities of Ephesians (1:21; 6:12 & Colossians 2:15). The primary function of free angels is to support Satan in his evil attempt to thwart good angels, born again believers and the work of God’s ministry.

Answer the questions below.  If you miss a question, go back and study that portion of the class and then retake the test.  Once you have received a 100% you may proceed to the next class.  You DO NOT have to submit this test for grading.  Only the final test will be submitted.