Class Five


It is required that you look up and read the Bible references given.


What are seraphims? Seraphims are spoken of by name in Isaiah 6:2-6.  It would seem seraphims are different from cherubs.  God is seated above the cherubs. I Samuel 4:4; Psalms 80:1 & 99:1.  Seraphims stand above God. Isaiah 6:2.  Seraphims are different from cherubs. Seraphims lead Heaven in worship of God.  Seraphims purify God’s servants for worship and service. Seraphims appear to oversee worship and holiness as opposed to justice and might.  Seraphims are very humble and reverential in the execution of their duties.  Cherubs are the guardians and defenders of God’s throne and of God’s servants.

The Bible also speaks of the living creatures. Some theologians teach that the living creatures are cherubs and seraphims. Revelation 6:2-6. However, the Bible presents a distinct difference in the living creatures. The living creatures worship God, and oversees the judgments of God. Revelation 6:1 & 15:7.  The living creatures oversees the worship of the 144,000. Revelation 14:3.  Just as the seraphims and cherubs, the living creatures are busy about the throne of God.

The archangels is a term that appears in Scriptures in I Thessalonians 4:16 & Jude 9.  However, there are other references to the archangel Michael. Michael is represented as having his own angels in Revelation 12:7.  Michael is the Prince of Israel in Daniel 10:13-21 & 12:1. Gabriel qualifies as a second archangel in Daniel 8:16; 9:21 & Luke 1:19-26.

The archangels have the assignment of protecting Israel in Daniel 10:13-21 & 12:1.  The archangels announced the birth of Jesus in Luke 1:26-38.  The archangels will defeat Satan in his attempt to destroy Israel in Revelation 12:7-12. The archangels will announce the rapture of the Church in I Thessalonians 4:16-18.

In Daniel 4:13-17, we see the watchers.  It would appear their function is to watch over the saints and to be a messenger between God and saints..

Answer the questions below.  If you miss a question, go back and study that portion of the class and then retake the test.  Once you have received a 100% you may proceed to the next class.  You DO NOT have to submit this test for grading.  Only the final test will be submitted.